our surveys

Below are our three most popular surveys. If you need something different please go to our 'contact us' page and fill out the form there. we will get back to you with a survey customized for your exact needs.


The site survey (all you really need)

Our most popular survey and tasty as a T-bone, this package gives you all the basic information you need to remodel Your Space. We don’t need laser beams or helicopters, just good old fashioned detective work. we gather 5 basic morsels of information for you: Floor plan, accessibility, mechanical, plumbing and electrical information.


The ADA boy (an accessibility report)

The Americans with Disabilities Act is important legislation passed about 190 dog years ago (1991 to be exact) to help make spaces accessible to all. We are all for helping you keep your space compliant, after all many of our good friends have been trained to help the disabled. We’re not trained like them, but we do know the rules and can tell you if your space is compliant.


the doghouse (just a floor plan)

Just a plain old-fashioned floor plan showing you what your space looks like from above. We'll measure it, draft it and tell you how big it is. Use this if you are a landlord or broker needing a lease exhibit. Or if you are a tenant that wants to confirm exactly what you are leasing. Just say “Here boy”, and we’ll come a running.