The Site Survey

The Site Survey


Our most popular survey, this package gives you all the basic information you need to remodel a retail or office space. We don’t need laser beams or helicopters, just good old fashioned detective work.

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Our masters are really picky about accuracy. We measure every space and double check it so you know what you are working with, and you can feel confident that it’s right.


From the fire hydrant on the street right on up to the front door, we let you know if there are deficiencies. Plus, we check out those special parking spaces and bathrooms too and tell you what needs fixed.


Water doesn’t just show up in a bowl and there are other options than a sidewalk for going to the bathroom. Our masters have trained us on what to look for to know how water and sewer utilities serve your space.

4. HVAC:

We tell you what you need to know about the current state of the air conditioning and heating systems and document all the equipment belonging to your space. And although we’re not good climbers we’ll even get on the roof, roof, roof if needed.


We document in great detail the electrical system, from the main electrical service all the way through meters, transformers and panels so you know exactly what there is to work with. Makes the hair on our backs stand up.