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Q:How long does it take for the survey to be completed once a request has been made?

A: That really depends on how quickly we are able to gain access to the space and make arrangements to get in.  Our goal is that once the request is made, complete the survey in one week.  Once the survey is completed our goal is to issue the report


Q:Once the survey of the space is complete, how long does it take to issue the final report?

A: Once the survey is completed our goal is to issue the report within five days.  The total process from request to final report should take no longer than ten days.


Q:How much does a survey cost?

A: The cost for our surveys vary and are based on the square footage of the space.  The larger the space the more a survey will cost.  The minimum cost for a survey is $850.


Q:Does the total cost include reimbursable expenses?

A: No.  Reimbursable expenses are billed in addition to the survey fee.  These reimbursable fees may be very little to none if we have someone in the location that the survey is needed.  However, in some cases our surveyors are required to travel to get to the survey site.  In these cases, we will provide an estimate for the expenses to the client and after the survey is completed we will invoice the actual costs.


Q: When the survey is completed, what do I receive?

A: After we complete the survey and report we will send you via Dropbox the following: 

·       Survey report

·       Photos of the interior and exterior of the space

·       Photos of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing services that serve the space.

·       CAD floor plan with measurements noted

·       PDF of the CAD drawing

·       Misc. documents that may have come from the landlord



Q:What information is included in the survey report?

A:We provide the following information in our survey report: 

·       Information about all utilities serving the space

·       Information about parking that serves the space

·       Information about accessible access to the space

·       Information about any damage to the exterior of the building

·       Information about the condition of the roof.  (Access must be provided by the landlord)

·       Storefront heights

·       Ceiling heights

·       Height to the underside of the structural decking

·       Height to the underside of structural components

·       Information about any damage to interior of the space

·       Information about mechanical units serving the space

·       Information about the sewer, water and gas lines that serve the space

·       Notes about fire protection that serves the space

·       Information about the electrical service and meters serving the space


Q:What States can you perform site surveys in?

A: At this time, we have team members all over the country who work with us and can perform surveys in nearly every state.  We are continuing to broaden our reach by hiring new team members all the time in order to have a more local presence.